Technical Assistance with Common Core Implementation

RSDSS is involved with the State and Regional Implementation of the Common Core State Standards as a means of increasing student achievement.

Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English-Language Arts and Mathematics have the potential to focus the efforts of schools on preparing students for success in college, career, and their future in the global economy.

The California State Board of Education joined 44 other stated in adopting the Common Core standards in August 2010. Districts anticipate transitioning to the new standards over the next few years with full implementation targeted for 2014-15.

The following resources are offered to support districts and individuals in learning about and transitioning to the Common Core Standards and assessments in California.

Overview Presentations, Videos and Webinars

Field Test - Spring 2014

Rationale and Development

General Resources

ELA Resources

  • Hunt Institute Videos
    On Conventions of Standard Writing and Speaking, Literacy in Other Disciplines, Literary Non-Fiction in Grades 6-12, Literary Non-Fiction in the Classroom, Speaking and Listening, Text-Dependent Analysis, Balance of Informational and Literary Texts in K-5, Key Changes in the Standards and their Evidence, Writing to Inform and Make Arguments
  • Brokers of Expertise
    CDE developed site with  Professional Learning Modules :  Reading Informational Text and Writing to Inform, Argue and Analyze (includes video and downloadable resources)
  • Achieve the core
    Modules for ELA related areas such as Literacy Shifts, Literacy Shifts in Content Areas, and Understanding Text-Dependent Questions
  • Glass Educational Consulting
    Resources for Common Core Implementation, Unit Mapping,  Literacy, and Writing
  • Macmillian McGraw-Hill CCSS Resources
    Free resources for Grades K-12 in English Language Arts.
  • Close Reading Exemplars
    A series of reading and writing exemplars that model how teachers can support their students as they undergo the kind of careful reading the CCSS require.
  • Dr. Douglas Fisher - Close Reading Video
    In this 2 minute SchoolTube video, Dr. Fisher discusses close reading and how it relates to the CCSS for English Language Arts. There are also links to other videos related to CCSS.
  • South Bay Union School District Writing Resources
    K-6 writing prompts and rubrics from South Bay Union in San Diego County.

Math Resources

  • Hunt Instititute videos
    On Gathering Momentum for Algebra, Coherence and Focus, High School Math Courses, Mathematical Practices, Mathematics Fluency, Mathematics Progressions, Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Ratio and Proportion in Grades 6-8 (Connection to College and Career Skills), Shifts in Math Practice, Whole Numbers to Fractions in Grades 3-6.
  • Brokers of Expertise
    CDE developed site with  Professional Learning Modules :  K-12 Standards for Mathematical Practice and K-8 Learning Progressions (includes video and downloadable resources).
  • Scope and Sequence
    Includes a suggested arrangement of the high school standards into courses developed by Patrick Callahan and Brad Findell with funding by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Pearson Foundation.
  • Dana Center
    Sample curriculum framework documents and sequenced units developed with support from the Charles A. Dana Center.
  • Achieve the core
    Modules for Math related areas such as Introduction to the Math Shifts and Deep Dive into the Math Shifts.
  • Inside Mathematics
    Source for MARS Tasks, scoring rubrics, teacher analysis of student work and classroom videos.  MARS tasks are being used in the development of the assessment items by both the SBAC and PARCC consortia.
  • Illustrative Mathematics Project
    Source for CCSS math problems and their solutions aligned to the standards. Providers of guidance to the assessment consortia, testing companies and curriculum developers.
  • Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative
    A comprehensive effort to improve math instruction and student learning through professional development, examining student work and improved math instruction. Articles and PowerPoint presentations offered for free. Sample assessment items offered to member districts.
  • Macmillian McGraw-Hill CCSS Resources
    Free resources for Grades K-12 in math.

Special Education Resources

Published Lesson Plans Developed

  • Thinkfinity
    Search by grade, subject and standard
  • Educore - Tools for Teaching the Common Core
    ASCD (formerly known as the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) has created a wealth of resources - professional development, lesson plans and modules, and other materials to successfully implement the CCSS. When you register on the website (for free) and create an account, you can save your searches, organize your tools and add notes.
  • FCOE Mathematics Resources
    Fresno County Office of Education has put together a list of resources to assist with implementing math common core standards in the classroom. There are Smart Balanced assessment examples as well as lesson planning resources.
  • Inside Mathematics
    A professional resource for teachers who are passionate about students' mathematics learning and performance.
  • Thinking Blocks
    A suite of learning tools designed to help students solve math word problems accurately and efficiently. Thinking Blocks support the Common Core Standards. Click on the Modeling Tool link to see videos that show you how to use them in various math applications.
  • Illustrative Mathematics
    This site shows the range and types of mathematical work that students experience in a faithful implementation of the CCSS.
  • Tools for the Common Core State Standards
    A website that publishes updates and reports that support the implementation of the CCSS in mathematics.

Assessment Resources

"Crosswalk Analyses"

  • A crosswalk of the 1997 California standards to the Common Core State Standards – ELA and Math

Other Resources

  • PTA Parent Guide to CCSS
    Three guides for the CCSS (grades K-8, ELA for grades 9-12 and Math for Grades 9-12) to help parents identify what children will be learning and how they can support their children outside of the classroom.
  • Achieve the Core
    Modules for Introducing the Common Core to Parents and Community Members and Instructional Leadership and the Common Core (related to Implementation)
  • Parent Roadmaps for the Common Core
    Math and English roadmaps for parents. There are documents organized by grade level from Kindergarten to 8th grade.
  • Common Core State Standards: Shifts for Students and Parents
    This document from the New York, explains in clear language what the CCSS expects for students and how parents can support their children.
  • CLRN
    Search Standards
  • P21 Common Core Tool Kit
    The Partnership for 21st Century Skills has created a tool kit help teachers understand the connection between 21st Century Skills and the Common Core State Standards.

Updated May 14, 2013