PI Schools Year 2 (School Improvement)

For a PowerPoint on Schools in PI Years 1 & 2, click here.
For a downloadable list of the full information summarized below, click here.

School Responsibilities

  • Review and monitor SPSA using results from the State Developed Tools ( APS, DAS, ISS, ELSSA) and current data as needed.
  • Revise the SPSA (if needed) based on the outcomes from the previous year.
  • Continue to collaborate with LEA to improve student achievement.
  • Continue to implement the approved two-year plan.
  • Continue to allocate 10 percent of the school's Title I, Part A, funds to provide high-quality professional development to address the reasons the school is identified for improvement. In addition, set aside 20% of the LEA's Title I, Part A allocation for transportation costs associated with the transfer option and Supplemental Education Services.

LEA Responsibilities

  • Notify parents of PI identification, public school choice with paid transportation options and supplemental educational services (SES) within 14 days of notification of PI status. For a sample letter for PI Year Two Schools, click here. Translations in other languages are available at the CDE website. For a database of SES Providers, click here. For a list of Region 1 schools SES per pupil allocation, click here.
  • Drive the effort for school improvement.
  • Create a DSLT if not done previously.
  • Provide a second enrollment window for SES services. Partner with outside organizations during both SES enrollment windows to help inform students and parents of the opportunities for services.
  • Post on the district website:
    • The number of students who were eligible for and who participated in SES and public school choice beginning with the 2007-08 school year
    • List of available SES providers and available schools for the school choice option.