PI Schools Year 4 (Restructuring)

For a PowerPoint on Schools in PI Year 4, click here.
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School Responsibilities

  • Continue to implement revised SPSA incorporating corrective action option(s).
  • Engage with DSLT and LEA in the Alternative Governance Protocol.

LEA Responsibilities

  • Continue to ensure that technical assistance is provided by the LEA or other entity with experience in helping schools improve academic achievement as the school develops and implements its improvement plan.
  • Continue to allocate 10 percent of the school's Title I, Part A, funds to provide high-quality professional development to address the reasons the school is identified for improvement. In addition, set aside 20% of the LEA's Title I, Part A allocation for transportation costs associated with the transfer option and Supplemental Education Services.
  • Provide notification to parents, teachers and the public informing them of the school's advancement in PI status, transportation options and SES offerings within 14 days of notification of PI status. For a sample letter for PI Year Four Schools, click here. Translations in other languages are available at the CDE website.
  • Continue to implement the Year 3 Corrective Action Plan while planning for alternative governance. The LEA should regularly (at least quarterly) monitor implementation of the revised SPSA.
  • With the DSLT, monitor, analyze and engage in Year 4 Alternative Governance Protocol
  • Alternative Governance Options in California:
  1. Reopen the school as public charter school.
  2. Replace all or most of the school staff (which may include the principal) who are relevant to the failure to make AYP.
  3. Enter into a contract with an entity, such as a private management company, with a demonstrated record of effectiveness, to operate the public school.
  4. Any other major restructuring of the school's governance arrangement that makes fundamental reforms to improve student academic achievement.