What Do We Do?

RSDSS Region 1 serves districts and schools in the following ways to meet the needs of schools and districts serving Title I students:

  1. INFORMATION: Collaborates with and provides informational meetings and networking opportunities for administrators responsible for implementation of Every Student Succeeds Act/Elementary and Secondary Education Act.
  2. TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: Helps identified schools and districts to assess their status and determine appropriate school improvement efforts.
  3. INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES: Promotes proficiency with standards-based instruction through the use of the most effective instructional strategies for closing the achievement gap for historically underserved students.
  4. STATE DEVELOPED TOOLS: Trains district and school leaders in the use of state-developed tools and protocols to determine necessary revisions to the LEA plan.
  5. DSLT: Assists LEA staff in the development of District/School Liaison Teams (DSLT) to work with LEAs and school staff members as they utilize the state-developed tools.
  6. PI MANDATED RESPONSIBILITIES: Trains and facilitates LEA staff in a decision-making process regarding mandated responsibilities to schools in Program Improvement (PI) Years 3, 4, and 5.
  7. ASSIST DISTRICTS IN SUPPORTING SCHOOLS: Provides consultation and support to districts in order to build the LEAs’ capacity to assist PI schools in implementing corrective action or restructuring/alternative governance plans developed in accordance with ESEA.
  8. LEA PLANS: Supports PI districts in the implementation of LEA plans through progress-monitoring meetings and ongoing support for implementation.
  9. TRAINING OPPORTUNTIES: Offers training opportunities for school and district teams including: using data to improve student achievement, meeting the needs of high priority students, and raising instructional quality.